Curated Therapies Seasonal Wellness Boxes

Introducing our Seasonal Wellness Boxes! These complete care packs are the hallmark of everything Curated Therapies stands for. Each box contains a hand-picked selection of natural holistic and homeopathic remedies and vitamin supplements designed to provide natural support to your body’s own systems, helping you to deal with whatever maladies the seasons throw at you.

For spring and summer that means boosting energy levels to better enjoy the busy, sun-filled days while keeping allergy symptoms at bay. When it comes to fall and winter, our kit comes with a slew of immune-boosting and flu and cold-slaying items that naturally fortify your body’s own defenses to keep you bright eyed healthy through the long, cold months ahead.

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We’re so excited to announce the newest Seasonal Wellness Box! Just in time for winter, we’ve packed this box full of nature’s best and most potent holistic and homeopathic remedies and preventatives to keep you in tip-top shape. By now you know that it’s an old wives’ tale that you can catch a cold simply by being out in bad weather, however there is still some truth to that statement. Exposure to cold, dry air for extended periods of time can adversely affect your immune system, while the viruses that cause colds and the flu may spread more easily in cold temperatures. Add to that the late nights and holiday parties of the festive season and you’ve got a potential recipe for disaster on your hands! But not if you approach the season with an arsenal of remedies that provide an extra layer of defense for your body’s own immune and pathogen-fighting systems—and that’s exactly what we’ve brought you in this season’s box.

Here’s what’s inside:

Oscillococcinum: this homeopathic remedy for the flu is considered by many to be a miracle! The key is to start taking it at the first sign of flu symptoms, or if you’ve been around someone who’s already infected. Rather than suppress the symptoms like a typical over-the-counter pain reliever would, Oscillococcinum is thought to reduce the symptoms altogether, while reducing the length and severity of the flu. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have caught the flu in the middle of winter, you know how important a saving grace like Oscillococcinum could be to have in the house, which explains why it’s often sold out at drugstores once the flu season hits. But thanks to our Seasonal Wellness Box, you’ll have it right when and where you need it!

Cold Calm: this homeopathic remedy provides effective relief for the most common cold symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and sore throat. Using a bevy of naturally-derived homeopathic ingredients, Cold Calm has been a family favorite all over the world for decades, thanks to the unique quick dissolve pill formula that dissipates under your tongue for instant absorption. When it comes to potency, Cold Calm means business. At the first onset of symptoms, you take a dosage every fifteen minutes for one hour, then every two hours until you feel your symptoms begin to abate. Then your body does the rest on its own.

A.Vogel Soothing Pine Cough Drops: forget those intense cough drops from your childhood that made you cough even more because of how strong they were! These soothing cough lozenges from natural wonder A.Vogel provide instant relief from coughs, throat irritation, sore throats, dry air, and the discomfort we often feel from going back and forth between warm and cold air. They’re made with a dash of menthol and fresh wild pine buds, which contain pine syrup essential oils that have an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect that gently eases pain and irritation for long lasting comfort.

PhytoLab Lemon Balm Herbal Tea: no matter how you’re feeling, once the cold weather hits nothing is more soothing than a piping hot cup of herbal tea, and this blend from PhytoLab features lemon balm at its core, an herb known for a multitude of benefits. Lemon balm is minty and citrusy at the same time, giving you a zesty, refreshing feeling that helps soothe sore throats, open the sinuses, and bring on an instant feeling of relaxation. For generations, the essential oils in lemon balm have been used as a nerve tonic, and when you breathe in its reviving aroma, you’ll feel an instant rush of mood-boosting peace.

House of Honey Pine-Infused Honey: based on an age-old Russian recipe, this pine-infused honey is just dripping with sweet, healthy goodness. As honey itself is known as one of nature’s best comforters, the addition of pine provides extra anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to be even more soothing for tired, sore throats and irritating coughs. And because its honey-based formula is so versatile, there are so many ways to use it. Stir some into a cup of hot tea (we recommend the PhytoLab Lemon Balm Herbal Tea that comes with this month’s box!), or mix with some lemon juice and slowly sip to allow the potent formula to coat your throat.

As we all look forward to the many holidays that await, keeping our handy Seasonal Wellness Box around will ensure you’re ready for all the season brings. Be sure to sign up to receive all four boxes throughout the year to keep your body at its best.

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