Support Independent Shops

With the economic impact and the spread of the global pandemic has undoubtedly affected the economy. We cannot stop this, but we can make a choice with our dollars to help local economies stay afloat and give small businesses a fighting chance to rebound when we emerge from our homes. 

Growing companies—like Curated Therapies—foster eco-systems that enable other small businesses to thrive in their wake. Entrepreneurship inspires and facilitates more entrepreneurship—we aspire to craft more medically inspired herbal formulas to boost micronutrients into the body. 

Instead of buying on Amazon or big box stores (I know, I know… it’s convenient…) – consider seeing if that product is sold locally (even if it costs a few dollars more). Not only does that help a small business, but it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of packaging materials and the impact that expedited shipping can have on the earth. 

Small businesses, especially in the case of retail stores, are often major contributors to the heart of a community. “Main Street” becomes a hub of activity, where stores, business associations, and local vendors to create and preserve the character of their town or neighborhood. A deliberate focus on supporting local businesses helps drive up the appeal of the shopping area and attracts tourism dollars into the community. The effect has a positive impact on adjacent hotels, attractions, and tours. 

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